Cookie cutters are great for making cookies, not creative marketing campaigns.

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I’ve worked with Jon for a number of years now in various capacities. I’ve also had the pleasure to become friends over that time. Jon has to be one of the most passionate people I know – about anything and everything that he is interested or involved in. I’ve never seen him put less than 110% into anything he does, and sometimes goes far beyond what is asked of his on his own. Very self-motivated, Jon is always looking for the best – or next best – way to approach and solve problems. He has an incredible curious nature that leads him into many different interests. I highly recommend Jon as a passionate member to any team.

Jack Delgado

Creative Guru , Jack DelGado Creative Guru

Jon is a creative thinker, who can take disparate and divergent ideas and bring it together into a cohesive creative plan designed to resonate with target audiences. His eye for design combined with his witty and smart approach is an asset, to be sure. I have enjoyed his collaborative style and his ability to provoke meaningful discussions in a broader multi-functional team.

Aimee Davis

Optimistic Architect of Creative Communication Strategies, Eastmann

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jon on a few occasions through Eastman Chemical Company in their market communications division. He has always been a fun team player who brings good energy to any creative discussion. Everybody on our team knew we could count on him to deliver a product, have helpful input on a project, and be responsible for himself in all respects. He takes critical feedback very well. In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him rattled on any occasion. I’ve enjoyed his professional skillset as well as collaborative strengths … across the board.

Bryan Shackelford

Innovation Representative, Eastmann Chemical